Will Jordan

Business Intelligence Analyst & Developer

Here are some examples of the types of projects that I have accomplished:

Examples of Accomplishments

Retail Reporting Suite Developing on-line P&L, Department Contribution Report, and Labor Reports for startup retail division of a major wholesale grocer. Responding to changes in methodology and calculation as division grew and determined new management strategies.(Essbase OLAP, Hyperion Analyzer, Hyperion Reports)

Sales & Marketing Reporting Working closely with sales and marketing teams to develop and maintain reports for tracking sales and forecasting future sales. Developing reports for web using multidimensional database tools with Excel and Web reporting. Developing tools to allow sales force to access necessary data when not connected to the internet. (Essbase OLAP, Excel VBA, VB, ArcPlan, Hyperion Analyzer, SQLServer)

WEB Executive Information System WEB EIS: Planned and managed project to replace desktop-based executive information system (financial and operating reporting) with web-based system serving 60+ executive and regional managers and 140+ market managers for firm with over 1600 business entities. Led product evaluation and selection, designed and wrote pilot applications, prepared support and training materials, and coordinated rollout and training with other working groups. (Essbase OLAP and Alphablox Application Server)

OLAP Budgeting Converted spreadsheet-based budgeting and consolidation tools to OLAP-based consolidated budgeting system for company with over 1600 business entities. Wrote spreadsheet macros to load site-specific budget spreadsheets with historical data from Essbase MDB. Wrote macros to allow uploading budget figures from site spreadsheets into regional controllers OLAP servers for consolidation and reporting. Coordinated data acquisition and analysis for head office.

Developed OLAP MDB’s at head office and regional level. Trained staff in use of budgeting tools.

Payment & Tracking Database In a 10-day period, planned and implemented a temporary benefit payment system that processed 15,000 potential beneficiaries and paid $2.3 million to 8,000 individuals over a four week period, and then uploaded all relevant data back into production processing system when it was ready to begin processing. Coordinated purchasing of equipment, program unit/IT coordination, program design and implementation, and operations. Developed system that captured data entry and other information from mainframe production system, processed the information in PC based database, produced written and digital documentation for writing checks, mailing payments and claim forms, and producing tracking and audit documents, as well as uploads to production systems.

Compliance Documentation Used database and statistical tools to collate information from mainframe, PC, mini, and hardcopy sources to produce federal government required compliance statistics under tight deadline. Used database tools for data conversion and manipulation. Programmed statistical tools to output data conforming to federal report specification. Project included acquiring data from four separate operating entities with dissimilar systems, coordinating coding and data entry of hardcopy information, and merging data from four different systems, three different databases on three separate operating systems.

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